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MSW Reportal

MSW Reportal

The Swedish Maritime Single Window (MSW Reportal) is a portal for reporting information regarding vessel´s port calls to Swedish harbours. The portal, which is managed by the Swedish Maritime Administration, is a collaboration between the Swedish Coast Guard, the Swedish Customs, the Swedish Maritime Administration and the Swedish Transport Agency.

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Planerat driftstopp

We have corrected a format error in the MSWSE Template EU. It is now mandatory to report goods and passengers before signing when reporting a fairway declaration. You can now delete a visit without report mandatory information. ...

Pilot orders not reaching the Swedish Maritime Administration.

After today's update, we have some problems with pilot orders not reaching the Swedish Maritime Administration. We therefore ask you to pay extra attention to whether you receive a response message/confirmation from SjöV. Should you not receive a response message, please call and check your pilot order with the relevant pilot planning. The error will be fixed after the weekend. ...


Last updated 2022-01-24