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MSW Reportal

Translated Regulations

The English translation of our regulations should be regarded as a service to our customers. The printed Swedish version is still valid and takes precedence in a conflict, problem with interpretation, or dispute.

The Swedish Maritime Administration thus does not guarantee that the language in all sections directly corresponds to the Swedish regulations. Nor does the Swedish Maritime Administration guarantee that the English regulations are completely updated; they must always be compared with the current Swedish edition.





Safety Arrangements and Safety Measures on Board Ships
(Skyddsanordningar och skyddsåtgärder på fartyg)

2006:39 [1] - ch. 1 sections 1 & 6, ch. 4 section 1, ch. 5 section 16, ch. 6 section 12, ch. 8 section 2, ch. 10 sections 19 & 22, ch. 18 section 10, annex, coming into force and interim provisions


Regulations on fairways dues


Regulations on the provision of pilots, ordering pilotage, allocation of pilots and pilotage fees


Swedish Maritime Administration regulations on rates for vessels on Trollhätte and Södertälje canal


The Swedish Maritime Administration’s regulations on temporary climate compensation for shipping in 2023

Last updated 2021-12-20