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MSW Reportal

Current Procurements

The Swedish Maritime Administration carries out procurements in accordance with applicable regulations. The primary law governing procurement processes in Sweden is the Public Procurement Act. Further information available at the Swedish Competition Authority.

Current procurements

The Swedish Maritime Administration publishes procurements at Visma Tendsign database. Tender documents for current procurements is to be found at Visma Tendsign, link below.

Current procurements (external link)

Planned procurements

The Swedish Maritime Administration are testing to publish future procurements in the form of a purchasing plan. The purchase plan does not show all purchasing items and, new procurements can arise at short notice, which means that these are not included in the plan.

The Swedish Maritime Administration’s planned procurements

Purchasing plan (Excel document, only in Swedish)

The purchasing plan is to be published four times a year. The planes are preliminary and might be changed.

Questions about the purchasing planes or about specific purchasing items is sent by email: inkop@sjofartsverket.se

Protective security in procurement and contracting

Protective security refers to protecting information and activities of importance to Sweden’s security against espionage, sabotage, terrorist offences and certain other threats.

Last updated 2021-03-16