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Questions and answers after cargo ship collision

News 2021-12-14

The Swedish Maritime Administration is getting many questions about the ship accident between Ystad and Bornholm. On this website, we gather questions and answers about what is happening now and who is responsible for what regarding the continued work.


  • Around 3:30 am on December 13 our Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre (JRCC) received an emergency call regarding two cargo ships that had collided between the southern Swedish coastal town of Ystad and the Danish island of Bornholm.
  • It was the Danish ship Karin Hoej and the British ship Scot Carrier. The Danish flagged cargo ship capsized after the collision.
  • Two people from the Danish ship were missing. A search operation was started to find these people.
  • At 10:30 on Monday 13 December, the Swedish Maritime Administration ended its search operation out by the sea for the two missing people. But the sea rescue effort continued by the ship being towed closer to land to be able to search it through there.
  • At 15:05 on Monday, the sea rescue operation ended. The responsibility was then handed over to the Police and the Swedish Coast Guard. At that time, one crew member had been found on board Karin Hoej, one remaining missing.
  • At 17:50, the British ship Scot Carrier was piloted to Ystad.

What is the Swedish Maritime Administration doing now?

The Swedish Maritime Administration's efforts have ended. We now cooperate with and support other responsible authorities and organizations when needed.

Questions and answers

We are getting many questions about what will happen now. Here we collect the most common questions.

How was the Joint Rescue Co-Ordination Centre (JRCC) at the Swedish Maritime Administration alerted?
EPIRB was released on the Danish ship Karin Hoej. EPIRB is an emergency transmitter that is triggered automatically when it ends up in the water, and then floats up to the surface.

How did Scot Carrier act after the collision?
The British ship Scot Carrier did not alert the JRCC after the collision. However, the ship answered the call when the JRCC contacted them and then returned and assisted in the rescue operation.

What happens to the ship Scot Carrier now?
Scot Carrier was piloted by the Swedish Maritime Administration on Monday evening into Ystad. The Swedish Transport Agency carries out an inspection of the vessel.

What will happen to the capsized ship Karin Hoej?
The Swedish Coast Guard can answer questions about the ship's status.

Who is responsible for what?

The Swedish Transport Agency: Responsible for regulations, requirements for manning and working environment on board ships. Contact information for the Swedish Transport Agency.

The Swedish Prosecution Authority: Leads the preliminary investigation linked to the accident. Contact information for the Public Prosecutor's Office.

The Swedish Coast Guard: Responsible for protecting the environment against emissions, and supports the Swedish Prosecutor's Authority in the work with the preliminary investigation. Contact information for the Coast Guard.