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MSW Reportal

Swedish Maritime Administration regarding Corona virus (Covid-19)

News 2021-03-11

The Swedish Maritime Administration follows recommendations from the Public Health Authority and other relevant authorities regarding the corona virus, covid-19.

The Swedish Maritime Administration has taken several preventive measures to continue to secure both safe and secure shipping.

SAR-operations (Search and Rescue)

Our SAR-operations are continuing to function well across the country. 

Pilot operations

We are still providing pilot services as usual. If there is a suspected infection on board, it must be reported to the Coast Guard. In case of suspected infection, this must also be notified when ordering a pilot. Contact information for the pilot centers can be found here.

Ice Breaking

Our service with our Ice Breakers are still working as usual.

Swedish Hydrographic Office

Preventive measures have been taken to ensure the delivery of navigational warnings and notifications for seafarers and electronic charts (ENC).

Swedish Seaman's Service

Seafarers' service facilities are open and the transport service is running, with certain restrictions. For added security, we have put up signs urging guests to keep their distance from each other. We have also introduced routines for frequent disinfection of surfaces. For questions or further information, contact the local Seamen's Service Station by phone or e-mail.

The Swedish Maritime Administration continues its ongoing work with various types of risk assessments for its operations, and has continuous contact with other authorities.