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Landsort – the oldest Swedish-built lighthouse

Landsort is located on the island of Öja, some 90 km south of Stockholm. This lighthouse was electrified in 1938. Automated and demanned in 1963.

The area around Landsort sees some enormous storms, and the sea really is violent when southerly storms approach from Poland. But there have also been political storms with regard to Landsort. The row related to the 1651 beacon, which was put out in December when the ice began to form. Eventually, it became impossible to continue to run the beacon due to arguments about funding for the beacon, the responsibilities of the government and other issues. Perhaps it was this debate – which Queen Kristina was also said to have become involved in – which led to the decision of 1652, stating that the Admiralty would be responsible for the nation's lighthouses.

The present lighthouse was built in 1686. Landsort is one of the most substantial lighthouses that we have in Sweden. The Russians turned up in 1719 and set fire to Landsort, but the lighthouse and its metre-thick walls survived.

Last updated 2021-04-06