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South cape of Öland – Långe Jan

The lighthouse at the south cape of Öland, known popularly as Långe Jan, is the tallest lighthouse in Sweden – 41.6 metres and with 197 steps. Together with Kullen in Skåne, it is also one of the brightest lighthouse lights in Sweden. The lighthouse was commissioned in 1785 and demanned in 1980.

Långe Jan.
Photo: Eva Nordström, The Swedish Maritime Administration

The base of this tower has a diameter of about twelve metres and the lower part has very thick walls, as can very clearly be seen at the entrance. Limestone from the chapel a few kilometres north of the lighthouse that was destroyed during the Reformation was used to build the lighthouse.

In 1873, the lighthousemen were ordered to issue fog warnings in foggy conditions by firing a cannon every 15 minutes. These cannons were two old ship cannons dating back to 1796, and they are still there.

In clear weather, it is possible to see the Ölands Södra Grund lighthouse to the south-east. This concrete caisson lighthouse is the first large lighthouse of its type in Sweden to be fixed to the seabed. It is 35 metres high above the water and 12 metres deep below, and accommodates a 10-room apartment. It is now unmanned.

Last updated 2021-04-06