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MSW Reportal

Measures in Fairway to Karlskrona

The dredging volume amounts to approximately 80,000 cubic metres.

The inlet of the Port of Karlskrona. Photo: Port of Karlskrona
The inlet of the Port of Karlskrona. Photo: Port of Karlskrona

Name of project: Measures to increase capacity and safety in Fairway 271 to Karlskrona.

Where: Fairway 271.

Planned implementation period: Around 2025–2026.

Degree of maturity: Decision concerning start ready for fairway inquiry that begins in spring 2022.

Preliminary quantity of dredging spoil: Fairway approximately 80,000 cubic metres.

Planned depth: Planned minimum depth 12.0 metres.

Approximate distribution of rock/dredgable material: Preliminarily approximately 75,000 cubic metres dredgable and 5,000 cubic metres of rock.

Known contaminated material?/Management of contaminated material? Uncertain, as far as is known only a small portion of contaminated material.

Potential distance to disposal site or landfill site: Uncertain, authorisation not in place. The plan is for a marine disposal site, estimated distance less than five nautical miles.

Potential difficult traffic situation: A ferry route that is used by three vessels. Existing fairway is being widened and the dredging is not judged to have any impact.

Special conditions: Restricted military area. The works area is located in an open area that is affected by wind from all southerly directions.

Estimated production time: Less than one season.

Type of contract: AB 04.

Procurement process, tender period: Begins after completion of the authorisation process etc., estimated to be around 2024–2025.


Last updated 2022-03-24