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MSW Reportal

Objectives & Level of Ambition

Maritime Search and Rescue including medical evacuation from ships shall be performed on 24-hour basis, within areas specified in the Civil Protection Act.

The Search and Rescue service shall on Swedish territorial waters, within 60 minutes in 90 percent of all SAR operations, with airborne or surface search and rescue unit (SRU), after its crew has been alerted by the Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre (JRCC), and where the position is known, be able to rescue a person in distress. The equivalent value for a position on international waters of the Swedish Search and Rescue Region (SRR) is 90 minutes.

Aeronautical SAR – level of ambition

The current level of ambition of search and locating actions when aircraft is missing is that , in least 90% of the operations with regard to:

  • Missing aircraft with active (transmitting) ELT distress beacon shall be found within 90 minutes after the position has been resolved.
  • Missing aircraft without a functioning ELT distress beacon shall be found within 24 hours after the position has been resolved.
  • Rescue of persons in distress shall be initiated immediately after the location has been detected.

Last updated 2021-03-18