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MSW Reportal


Position 59° 38,4'N 017° 36,5'E; Chart 112

Swing bridge

Vertical clearance: 2.7 m
Horizontal clearance: 12.4 m

Nautical information


Opening hours

1 May - 15 October

The bridge opens on request every hour - on the hour - between 0900 - 2200 LT.
Merchant vessels may request opening at other times - contact bridge master.

October 16 - April 30

The bridge will only open upon request. 

Contact information

The bridge is operated from the Stäket bridge.
Phone: +46(0)700- 91 46 17 or VHF Ch 14

Traffic signals

Iso R 3s Bridge is closed
Iso R 3s + Iso W 3s Signal acknowledged
Iso R 3s + FW Bridge about to be opened
FR + Iso W 3s Give way to oncoming traffic
Iso G 3s Bridge open, permission to pass
FR + FW Bridge cannot be opened


Last updated 2024-03-22