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MSW Reportal

Skebäcksbron and Osetbron, Örebro

Chart 114


Position 59° 16,4'N 015° 14,5'E

Swing Bridge

Vertical clearance: 3,6 m
Horizontal clearance: 9,2 m


Position 59° 16,7'N 015° 15,6'E

Vertical clearance: 3,8 m
Horizontal clearance: 9,0 m
The bridge is controlled remotely from Skebäcksbron

Opening times

Merchant vessels

Opening of the bridge is available at all times.
Request should be made not later than 1 hour prior planned arrival to the bridge.
Contact the bridge master by telephone or sound signal 300m before the bridge.

Pleasure craft

October - April

Opening  after agreement by contact bridge master at least one day before passage:
Phone +46(0)19 18 91 11.

Opening of the bridge is available maximum one time every hour in coordination with locking.

Other information

A water level gauge is placed close to the bridge for vertical clearance confirmation.
To order opening, call: +46(0)19 18 91 11

Last updated 2021-04-30