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MSW Reportal

Södertälje kanal

Bridges in the southern canal. Position 59° 11,1'N 017° 38,6'E; Chart 6181

The Södertälje canal has the Nordic region's largest lock for ships and connects Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea. The lock chamber is 135 meters long and 19.6 meters wide. The Swedish Maritime Administration manages the entire canal with a bridge opening and lock for commercial shipping and recreational shipping. The Swedish Transport Administration is responsible / owner of the bridges.

Bascule bridges and Lifting bridge

Vertical clearance when closed: 26,0m
Vertical clearance when open: 41,5m (Lifting bridge)
Horizontal clearance: 26,2 m

The bridges are opened to ships at the times below after notification to Södertälje Kanal on tel +46(0)771-630 655 or VHF channel 68.
Register at least 4 hours before desired passage.

Current nautical information

Time: March 30, 2022 - December 31, 2023. Weekdays (except holidays) between 1100 - 1900 LT. The fairway through Södertälje kanal and lock is closed for vessels exceeding any of the following: LOA 70 meters, beam 14 meters or draught 4,5 meters.
The fairway is closed between Mälarhamnen and Igelstaviken.

Opening times for the bridges in Södertälje Canal

Times are stated using Local time. List valid until further notice.
Minor deviations may occur during weekends, on holidays and on days preceding holidays. The stated times include swinging time of the bridges. Minor delays may occur due to crossing railway traffic. 

Daily 00.17 - 00.37
01.48 - 02.08
02.50 - 03.10
04.15 - 04.35
23.03 - 23.23
Monday - Friday 10.35 - 10.55
13.20 -13.40
19.35 - 19.55
Saturday - Sunday 07.36 - 07.56
14.35 - 14.55
Saturday 11.20 - 11.40
20.35 - 20.55
Sunday 10.05 - 10.25

Other information

The whole canal is supervised by camera surveillance from the maneuvre tower for the Södertälje canal.
Maximum speed in the canal is 6 knots.
For traffic- and bridge signals, see chart 6181.

Last updated 2022-06-23