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MSW Reportal


Mandatory ship reporting system in the Sound between Denmark and Sweden.

Reporting procedures

Participation in the SOUNDREP Ship Reporting System is mandatory for all vessels above 300 GT transiting through the SOUNDREP operational area.


VHF: Sector 1 (Northerly) VHF Ch 73 Sector 2 (Southerly) VHF Ch 71

SOUNDREP information

The mandatory ship reporting system SOUNDREP is operated by Sound VTS and provides information service to shipping about specific and urgent situations as well as other information concerning safety of navigation.

Visiting address

Sjöfartsverket, Sound VTS , Hans Michelsensgatan 9 , 211 20 Malmoe Sweden


Swedish Maritime Administration
Marco Svantesson
+46 10 478 47 96

Admiral Danish Fleet
Christian Kopp Pedersen
+45 30438623

Last updated 2022-10-26