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MSW Reportal


A new user guide for reporting through the MSW Reportal; and on 13 September, we will publish a new, updated version with information regarding the ordering of pilotage services and fairway dues declarations.


Web browser

The MSW-reportal has been designed to work equally well in the more recent versions of Internet explorer and Google Chrome.

Contingency procedures

All authorities connected to the MSW Reportal have dedicated contingency procedures and it is the prerogative of each authority to make decisions regarding its transition to contingency procedures. Information in this respect will be posted in the "current messages" news stream on www.mswreportal.se, on each authority's website.

Swedish Customs Service

Swedish Coast Guard

Swedish Maritime Administration

Contact information for MSW Support

Manages issues involving: Reporting, user support and fault reporting for the MSW Reportal Interface and input

Telephone: 0771- 40 00 50
E-mail: support@mswreportal.se

For authority-specific issues, please contact the specific authority.

Swedish Coast Guard

The Swedish Coast Guard manages questions linked to notifications in advance for border control and maritime security.
Telephone: +46 8 578 976 30 (Swedish Coast Guard Maritime Clearance)
E-mail: sweden24@kustbevakningen.se

Swedish Maritime Administration

Maritime Administration manages questions related to vessel application, pilotage and fairway declaration.
Telephone: +46 10 478 58 00
E-mail: kundstod@sjofartsverket.se

Swedish Customs Service

Customs Service manages questions related to the time limits that apply and the information which must be provided.
Telephone: +46 771 520 520 (TullSvar daytime)
Telephone: +46 8 456 65 61 (Fartygsklarering daytime)
Telephone: +46 8 456 65 60 (Klarering evening/night)
E-mail: fartygsklarering@tullverket.se

Swedish Transport Agency

Swedish Transport Agency manages questions related to regulations.
Telephone: 0771-503 503
E-mail: kontakt@transportstyrelsen.se

Last updated 2021-04-06