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Pilot Area Vänern

Pilot area Vänern includes the lake areas Vänern and Göta älv with Trollhätte canal and Byälven with Säffle canal. The land areas that are included are Värmland County and Västra Götaland County in addition to the coastal municipalities that are monitored by the pilot areas on the west coast.

The fairway between Gothenburg and Vänersborg is approx. 50 nautical miles long and the drop height between Vänern and the West Coast is 44 m. This difference in height is overcome with 6 locks that have drop heights between 6 and 8 m. The longest fairway in Vänersborg between Vänersborg and Karlstad is 82 nautical miles.

The openable bridges in the Göta River are remotely controlled from various canal stations such as Lilla Edet, Trollhättan and Brinkebergskulle.

Sea traffic operates 24/7 all year round

Notices on these pages are a selection of information and decisions of general interest. For complete nautical information, refer to nautical charts, Ufs (Information for mariners), navigational warnings and the regulations and decisions of the county administrations.


Last updated 2023-10-19