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MSW Reportal
Planned update at the Swedish Customs the 29th of May

On Wednesday 29th May at 22:00-23:30 o'clock, the Ship clearance at the Swedish Customs will carry out a planned shutdown. This means that no reporting via MSW Reportal during the relevant time period is possible. Fallback procedure for reporting to the Swedish Customs Administration applies during the shutdown. For questions about reserve procedures, contact the authority. ...

Planned update in MSW Reportal Monday 27th of May

On Monday the 27th of May between 11:00-14:00, there will be an update of a new vessel database. Because of this update, MSW Reportal will be shut down during the time. For questions, please contact MSW Support by phone: +46 771-40 00 50 or email: support@mswreportal.se. ...

Reporting of locations to Swedish Customs in the case of sea transport

Changes from 1 April mean that traffic permits are no longer valid and cannot be used ...