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MSW Reportal

News regarding invoicing at the Swedish Maritime Administration

News 2021-11-22

Now the Swedish Maritime Administration is introducing port call invoice, and the possibility of receiving e-invoices for pilot and fairway fees.

With the introduction of e-invoices, we have made a change regarding our invoicing for pilot and fairway fees and the collective invoices have been replaced with port call invoices, where we collect all costs for a port call on one invoice.

The port call invoice contains all pilotages that have been ordered through MSW Reportal and fairway declaration on the same visit id.

All other invoices, that do not include a port call, are invoiced separately.

This means that the customers who usually have several port calls, will receive one invoice for each port call, but they may instead be possible to handle electronically in the customer´s financial system.

All customers will be transferred to the new way of invoicing, regardless of whether you receive the invoices electronically, by e-mail or letter.

Customers who register an interest in receiving our invoices electronically will be able to do so with start in November 2021. We introduce e-invoicing gradually and our ambition is for all customers to switch to the new flow by the turn of the year.

If the customer does not have the opportunity to receive e-invoices, we need an e-mail address to send the invoices to. If the Swedish Maritime Administration has already received information about the e-mail address for invoicing, it is important that the customer check that you have provided us with the correct information, as it will only be possible to send the invoices to one (1) email address.

Customers who want to change the distribution method for the invoices, or if you have any questions about e-invoices at the Swedish Maritime Administration, please contact Anlöpsservice at portcall@sjofartsverket.se.