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Welcome to the Market Dialogue on Dredging Projects

The Swedish Maritime Administration is planning an unprecedented number of dredging projects. Malmporten in Luleå is the largest fairway project, followed by the Skandia Gateway in Gothenburg. For this reason, a market dialogue with dredging contractors will be arranged on June 9, 2022, at Elite Grand Hotel in Norrköping.

The Swedish Government has decided to make the largest investment in railways, roads and fairways in modern times. As a result, The Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) has never before had so many dredging projects in the pipeline as in the years ahead.

The meeting at Elite Grand Hotel in the city centre of Norrköping, will begin with a presentation of the various fairway projects. After the general presentation, the dredging contractors will be offered an opportunity to book individual meetings with the project managers to discuss the projects they are interested in. 

The three largest projects

The Swedish Government’s national infrastructure plan for the entire transportation system includes three of the SMA’s largest projects:

Mr Joel Smith, Director Infrastructure
Joel Smith, the Swedish Maritime Administration’s Director of Infrastructure . Photo: Niclas Fasth

The largest dredging project is Malmporten in Luleå in which 22 million m3 will be dredged for a maximum draught of 15.0 m (maximum draught in the Baltic Sea).

The mining, steel and iron industries are in need of increased transport capacity, especially given the enormous investments being planned in the region of Norrbotten involving the fossil-free steel production that will be shipped out via Luleå. The legal process for environmental permit for the port expansion and dredging project is complete, with a permit including environmental impact conditions having been established.

The second project, in terms of size, is the Skandia Gateway in Gothenburg. The Port of Gothenburg is the only port in Scandinavia that can handle the world’s largest container ships, with direct routes from Asia. Access to this transoceanic direct shipping route is a strategic function for the Swedish export and import industry. 13.5 million m3 are to be dredged from the fairway and turning area in this project. The legal process for environmental permit for the port expansion and dredging project is ongoing but not completed.

The Landsort fairway can be found between Landsort and Södertälje. For the first time in the modern history of The Swedish Maritime Administration, the establishment of two new fairway sections is being planned between Fifång–Regarn and Oaxen–Skanssundet. The new fairway sections are needed in order to:

*  Create a new, safer fairway with improved capacity and accessibility between Södertälje and Landsort.

*  Achieve an acceptable level of safety and increase the capacity and accessibility of the fairway.

Dredging of one million m3 is planned for the Landsort fairway. The process involving establishing the new fairway parts as well as the legal process for environmental permit for the fairway dredging project is ongoing but not completed.

In parallel with these projects, minor trimming projects are also planned. Some of these projects are:

*  Umeå, approximately 100,000 m3 of dredging in the fairway and around 140,000 m3 in the port area.

*  Sundsvall, approximately 8,000 m3 of dredging in the fairway.

*  Karlskrona, approximately 100,000 m3 of dredging in the fairway.


Joel Smith,

Director Infrastructure, The Swedish Maritime Administration


You are applying to participate in the market dialogue using the procurement tool www.tendsign.com where the invitation is published with the following title: “22-02375: A Large Number of Prospective Dredging Projects in Sweden – The Swedish Maritime Administration arranges a Market Dialogue”.

At the market dialogue, the Swedish Maritime Administration wants to meet contractors that have the machinery and experience required to accomplish dredging projects of the same size as our forthcoming projects. Consequently, to participate in the market dialogue, contractors must meet certain conditions. Read more about this in the invitation at www.tendsign.com.

Elite Grand Hotel
Elite Grand Hotel is located in the heart of Norrköping, only a few minutes’ walk from Norrköping Central Station.Photo: Agne Hörnestig

Last updated 2022-06-17