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Maritime assistance service (MAS)

Maritime Assistance Service (MAS) is a function to handle events on ships that are in difficulty and where environmental harm is imminent or has already occurred, but where no danger to human life is present.

The following applies to MAS in Sweden:

1. The Swedish Transport Agency has the main responsibility
2. The Swedish Coast Guard is responsible for maritime pollution response
3. JRCC (Joint Rescue Coordination Centre within the Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA)) is acting as the point of contact (PoC) between ship and shore within Swedish Search and Rescue Region (SRR)

The MAS function is managed physically at the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) in Gothenburg. MAS is conducted in close cooperation between primarily the Swedish Transport Agency, the Swedish Coast Guard and the Swedish Maritime Administration, but also the Police, the municipal emergency services and local authorities may be involved.

A MAS alarm may be known to the authorities by radio or telephone call, where a vessel may request for assistance. Additionally, a search and rescue case may be transferred to MAS where there no longer is any danger to human life.

The main tasks of the MAS function are:
1. receiving reports from ships in need of assistance
2. monitoring the situation the ship is at
3. acting as a point of contact between ship and coastal authorities
4. acting as a point of contact between interacting partners at sea and the coastal state.

The language normally used in a Swedish MAS-operation is Swedish or English.

Contact details MAS Sweden

Point of contact: JRCC (SMA/Joint Rescue Coordination Centre) (24/7)
Call sign: Sweden Rescue
Watch on VHF channel: 16
Tel: +46 10 4927650
Fax: +46 31 290134
MMSI: 002653000
Email: jrcc@sjofartsverket.se
Postal adress: Box 5158, SE-426 05 Västra Frölunda, Sweden

Swedish Transport Agency
Duty Officer (TiB) of Swedish transport Agency (24/7)
The duty officer is alerted via SOS Alarm AB, tel: +46 771 800900
Duty Officer (TiB) tel: +46 771 520052

Swedish Coast Guard (24/7)
Regional command centre south
Tel: +46 31 7279100

Last updated 2021-03-18