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MSW Reportal


Position 65° 34,7'N 022° 07,6E; Charts 414, 4101

Bascule bridge

Vertical clearance when closed: 7.3 m

Contact information

The bridge is opened once between 09.00 - 10.00, 19.00 - 20.00 LT on weekdays. 

Request opening from customer service:
Phone no: +46(0)702-56 10 51 at least three hours prior to passage. 

Nautical information

At the moment no information 

Bridge signals

Following light signals are shown on the bridge

Iso R Bridge closed
Iso R + Iso W Signal from vessel received
FR + FW Bridge opening not possible
Iso R + FW Bridge is opening
Iso G Bridge is open. Passage allowed

To learn more about light signals:  Ufs-A (General information)

The Swedish Transport Administration is responsible for the bridge

Last updated 2024-03-21