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MSW Reportal

Hammarbyleden - Merchant vessels

Position 59° 18'N 018° 04'E; Chart 6141

Current nautical information



Position 59°18,8'N 018°06,3'E
Double bascule bridge
Vertical clearance: 11,8 m
Free clearance: 12,9 m


Position 59°18,2'N 018°04,7'E
Double bascule bridge
Vertical clearance: 11,4 m


Position 59°18,8'N 018°01,9'E
Double bridge
Vertical clearance (openable span): 13,8 m
Vertical clearance (fixed span): 14,7 M

Opening hours


Bridge opens on request by calling +46(0)8-670 28 15. 


Weekdays 2330 - 0600 LT. Weekends and hollidays 2330 - 0630 LT.
Bridge opening must be ordered 5 hours prior to arrival and confirmed one hour before by phone +46(0)8-670 28 10.

VHF ch 16 and 12

Other information

Vessel with a total length more than 50m, will receive mooring help at the lock of Hammarby free of charge.

The bridges will only open if the mean wind is less than 15m/second during 10 minutes.

Port of Stockholm webbsite regarding locks in Stockholm

Last updated 2022-10-03