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MSW Reportal


Position 59° 21,9'N 017° 12,4'E; Chart 111

Swing bridge

Vertical clearance: 3,1m
Horizontal clearance: 20 m

Nautical information



Opening hours

Merchant vessels

Daily 0600 - 2200 LT, other times on request.

The ship's pilot or master should contact the bridge master via VHF in good time and make sure that it is possible to get a bridge opening at the estimated time of passage.
8 minutes before the expected passage, a second VHF contact should be made with the bridge master.

VHF Ch. 68 or Stallarholms bridge telephone: +46(0)171-44 90 82

Pleasure craft

May 1 - October 15

Daily 0600-2200
The bridge may be opened once within following times:
0620-0630, 0720–0730 … 2120-2130 and 2150-2200.

October 16 - April 30

Daily 0600–2200 after request to the bridge master via VHF, telephone or signal at the bridge.

Pleasure craft should if needed use VHF channel 14 to contact the bridge master.

Other information

The bridge Stallarholmsbron is unmanned and controlled remotely from Hjulstabron by camera surveillance.


Last updated 2024-03-22