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Nautical Charts

Here you will find more information about how to buy charts, which charts are valid, what different types there are and information about the quality and manufacture of charts.

General charts & Coastal charts

General charts
The scale is usually 1:500 000. The charts are used for planning and navigation in open seas. They are numbered with one digit.

Coastal charts
The scale is usually 1:250 000. The charts are used for navigation in coastal waters. They are numbered with two digits.

Archipelago charts & Special charts

Archipelago charts
The scale is usually 1:50 000 . The charts are used for inshore- and coastal navigation. They are numbered with three digits.

Special- and harbour charts
The scale is usually 1:25 000. The charts cover areas of heavy traffic, certain habour and approaches. They are numbered with four digits.

Catalogue of charts

The Swedish Maritime Administration’s chart catalogue of Swedish navigational charts and publications.

The catalogue contains information and index charts covering all Swedish navigational and small craft charts as well as other products.The catalogue can be downloaded below (Sjökortskatalog in Swedish).

Last updated 2021-04-12