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MSW Reportal

Icebreaking & Winter navigation

Maritime transport has to work regardless of the season. The Swedish Maritime Administration operates a number of icebreakers and can, if required, charter additional external resources.

A vessel is escorted by an icebreaker.
Present & announced restrictions

Traffic restrictions are imposed to improve the safety and efficiency of winter navigation. Icebreaker assistance will only be given to vessels, which meet the requirements set out in the traffic restrictions.

Icebreaker Frej in the ice.
Contact us

The local offices are, within each operating district, responsible for obtaining and passing information, requests and instructions concerning the icebreaking services.

A vessel is escorted through the ice.
Ice classes & recuirements

Defining ice-strengthening requirements, the Swedish Maritime Administration uses the Finnish-Swedish Ice-Class Designations valid from 2009.

The old icebreaker Ymer in the ice.
The history of Nordic icebreaking

The first sea icebreaker built for Nordic waters was delivered by the Finnboda Shipyard in 1890.

Icebreaker Oden in the ice.
Our icebreakers

The Swedish Maritime Administration operates five icebreakers named after ancient Norse gods, Ale, Atle, Frej, Oden and Ymer.

Last updated 2021-02-23