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MSW Reportal

Application for permission to e-services

The Maritime Single Window-reportal require special authorization. The Swedish Maritime Administration verifies that the person wishing to join the MSW-reportal, has the authority to inspect the data entered into the system. When a person wishes to access the MSW-reportal , an individual assessment is made.

Security in the use of the MSW Reportal

The MSW Reportals security solution is based on personal login information. As user of the MSW-reportal, it is for you to take some measures to maintain security. You yourself must ensure that no unauthorized person can access your login credentials or certificates. If you suspect any unauthorized use of your login information or your certificate, you should immediately block them. You do this by contacting the Swedish Maritime Administration, at telephone +46 (0)10-478 58 00.


Processing of personal data

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Swedish Personal Data Act (PDA) come into force as of 25 May 2018. The legislation governs all management of personal data relating to the operations of the Swedish Maritime Administration.

The purpose of GDPR and DPA is to protect people from having their personal integrity infringed when personal data is processed. As a result of the new regulations, it is the responsibility of the Swedish Maritime Administration to ensure that all persons affected by the Swedish Maritime Administration's registration and management of their personal data are informed of these procedures and the underlying reasons.

Last updated 2021-04-06