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MSW Reportal

Recommendations and restrictions

Guidelines concerning max.size, use of tugs, visibility, wind restrictions and more within Malmö Pilot area.



Öresund bridge at dawn
Photo: C Jangvert 2022-08-12

The Flint channel

The channel is a fairway for international shipping. The fairway between the lighthouses Flintrännan NO and Flintrännan SW is approx. 8 Nm long, 370 meters wide, has a minimum depth of 8.0 meters at mean water and lies in the direction 040° - 220°. The Öresund Bridge has a raised section above the Flint channel of approx. 1090 meters and a span just over the fairway of 490 metres. The maximum air draught for vessels is 55 meters.

Maximum draught through the entire Flint channel is 7.2 meters.


The high bridge over the Flint channel

The high bridge part of the Öresund Bridge that crosses the Flint channel is a cable bridge with railway and motorway. The bridge is supported by four pylons, which stand in pairs on two caissons. The bridge hangs from 80 pairs of cables which are attached to the bridge at intervals of 12 meters. The high bridge section is 1,092 meters long and the suspension span over the fairway 490 meters with 55 meters maximum air draught for vessels. The highest part of the bridge is approx. 70 m.  The four pylons that support the high bridge section are 204 m high. 

Pylons and anchoring foundations are made of concrete caissons that are sunk into dredged holes, approx. 13-28 meters below sea level. Protective islands have been built around each caisson to prevent vessel collisions.

Last updated 2023-11-21