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MSW Reportal

Sound Pilotage

We provide pilots for transit pilotage through the Sound.

The bow of a vessel and a bridge up ahead.
The Öresund bridge 2022-04-18 Photo: C Jangvert
From To Distance Time at 11 kts Time at 13 kts
M1 Trelleborg roads 72 6,5 5,5
M1 Flinten SW 46 4,2 3,5
Malmö roads Flinten SW 13 1,2 1,0

Pilot to be ordered at Malmö Pilot Ordering Center no later than 5 hours in advance (read more at "Procedures for Pilot Request").

Helsingborg Pilot Station arranges boarding for southbound vessels.

Malmö Pilot Station arranges boarding for northbound vessels.

Information from the vessel shall include destination, ETA, GRT, cargo, draught and also air draught.

If ordering Deep Sea Pilot for ports in the Baltic, Skagerrak or Kattegatt, order must be sent no later than 24 hours in advance.

Southbound vessels, boarding at:
Lt buoy M1 (56°07' N 012°31',70 E)
Lt buoy Malmo road (55°38',5 N 012°57' E)

Northbound vessels, boarding at:
Trelleborg Road (55°20' N 013°08'E)
3nm SSW of Lt Flintrännan SW (55°28,2 N 012°43,0 E)

Last updated 2022-09-28