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MSW Reportal

Maximum Draught

Maximum draught for vessels calling Port of Gothenburg.

Maximum draught at mean sea level (MW), in the fairways to:

Tor Harbour via the North Channel *) 18.9 m
Tor Bay 5.5 m
Arendal Harbour  9.1 m
Skandia Harbour  13.5 m
Skarvik Harbour (berths 510 and 519) 12.5 m
Fairway Skarvik – Rya  9.3 m
Fairway Rya – Lindholmen 7.7 m
Fairway Lindholmen – Free Port 6.7 m

Maximum allowed draught at each berth is found on the website of Port of Gothenburg. Please note density variations inside the port due to the fresh water outflow from the Göta River.

*) Max draught at berth 801 is 19.05m in density 1.013. Passing Trubaduren vessel draught not to exceed 18.9m in salt water density.

Minimum UKC in fairways are 0.7m and at berths 0.5m.

Last updated 2021-01-31