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MSW Reportal

Pilot Area Gothenburg

Message on this website is limited to general information and decisions. For complete nautical information refer to sea charts, navigational warnings etc.

Welcome to Pilot Area Gothenburg!

Those pages contain information for vessels calling Gothenburg. The Swedish Maritime Administration works in close cooperation with the Harbour Master Office at Port of Gothenburg, which website we also refer to. Further several companies offer services for safe and efficient calls to Gothenburg.

Our short address is: www.sjofartsverket.se/gbg


Passage Plan Folder

Extract from List of Radio Signals

Port of Gothenburg

Notices to Mariners

Navigational warnings

Weather observations (ViVa) Måvholmsbådan

Vinga 2017-02-24 Photo: Hans Mattsson

Last updated 2021-01-31