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MSW Reportal

Braviken & Djurön

Braviken and Djurön terminals are not operated by Port of Norrköping, but by private companies.


  Day/Nigth PMD UKC L B
Northern Berth D 8,1 0,5 205* 30**
  N 8,1 0,5 165* 23**
RoRo D/N 7,6 0,5 150*  

Northern berth
Vessels with LOA >125m requires free berth at RoRo to allow for proper mooring.
*Vessels with LOA >160m are required to have CPP and working bowthruster.
**Vessels this size requires CPP, bowthruster and active rudder. 

RoRo berth
*Normal vessels > LOA 140m are required to have working bowthruster


  Day/Night PMD UKC L B
NW terminal D/N 11,8 0,6 240*  
SW terminal D/N 6,5 0,6 90** 16

*Vessels must not pass the corner to the SW terminal
**Vessel must not pass the inner green buoy

Last updated 2024-04-10