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MSW Reportal

Main port of Oxelösund

Main port of Oxelösund is the deepest natural port in the Baltic sea, serving vessels from small coasters to aframax size vessels.

Below tables summarizes the maximum sized vessels, based on experience, which may be safely piloted through the area and ports under normal circumstances.

The Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) reserves the right to make temporary changes without notice to the restrictions based on ice, wind and weather conditions. Note that mean water level (MWL) may be below normal for prolonged periods of time, during spring and summer. Agents and vessel Masters are encouraged to monitor the current water level in port prior to planning voyages to the area. 

Exemptions may be made for vessels during favorable conditions and with exceptional good maneuverability. Such exemptions may be issued by the local “Nautical committee” and the Chief of Pilot area. This includes the local requirements for tugboats. 

It’s always the Pilot concerned, who has the final say if the pilotage is safe to carry out.  


Oxelösunds huvudhamn Kaj 9 ½ - 11

  • Maxbåtar får förhalas längs med kajen i mörker.
  • Vid förhalning av fartyg längs kajen krävs bara en lots även på de fartyg som vid ankomst/avgång kräver två lotsar.

Last updated 2021-03-03