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MSW Reportal

Oxelösund steelfactory SSAB

Port of SSAB and the steelfactory uses Lillahammars Fairway and is primarily served by bulk and container vessels

SSAB- Steelport
Maximum Vessel size and permitted draft

QL=298m 8,7* 0,5

* PMD 6,5 m when passing north of Korpholmen island

Max vessel (m) Distance to other moored vessels during maneuvering Darkness
  170 x 26 - 205 x 33  At least 40m No
  150 x 24 - 170 x 26 At least 40m Yes
< 150 x 24 Safe distance Yes

Bollards painted blue (north), white, read (middle) and yellow (south)

Brannäs pontoon
PMD=6,0 m
UKC= 0,6 m
Darkness= Yes
Painted mark at inner bollard marks 6,2 m limit. 

Last updated 2024-01-25