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High value and low value goods

Which cargo the Swedish Maritime Administration considers to be of high value or low value is based on the statistical commodity codes according to the European Community tariff, the so-called Combined Nomenclature (KN). The decision is made at the KN8 level, which means that all eight digits in the product code must be presented.

Cargo that is attributable to the statistical numbers below, according to the Combined Nomenclature of the European Community, shall be considered as low-value cargo in accordance with Section 13 of these regulations. The criteria for the definition of low-value cargo for import and export are:

The cargo must be imported or exported in amounts greater than 20,000 tonnes at KN8 level. The NST cargo group to which the goods belong will have been transported at sea to a volume exceeding 1,000,000 tonnes.

The cargo must have a value below SEK 1,200 per tonne.
The list will be valid during 2020 unless the Swedish Maritime Administration states otherwise.

Last updated 2021-10-28