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MSW Reportal

Mariners reference card for SOUNDREP


The controlled depth is 8.0 m at mean sea level and the passage width is 300 m.

Air draught exceeding 35 meters

Drogden channel is located near Copenhagen airport. In order to prevent a collision between an aircraft and a ship transiting the channel, Sound VTS notifies the air traffic control when a vessel with an air draught exceeding 35 m is approaching the channel.


The controlled depth is 8.0 m at mean sea level. The vertical clearance of the bridge is 55 m and the passage width of 370 m.

Piloted vessels through Flintchannel has a maximum allowed draft of 7,2 meters at mean sea level.

Recommended pilotage

IMO recommends that loaded oil tankers with a draught of 7 meters or more, loaded chemical tankers and loades gas carriers irrespective of size, and vessels with irradiated nuclear fuel cargoes should use the pilotage services established by the governments of Denmark and Sweden.

Crossing traffic

Ferries leaving the ports Helsingør in Denmark and Helsingborg in Sweden operate according to published schedules and are normally not requested to report to SOUNDREP. The ferries request a maximum speed of 17 kts for N-bound traffic in the TSS between buoy M 7 and buoy M 4. Between Landskrona and Ven island there are also crossing ferries.


Information of general interest to shipping in the area will be broadcasted by Sound VTS on VHF CH 79. A broadcast will be preceded by an announcement on VHF CH 16, CH 71 and CH 73. All ships navigating in the area should listen to the announced broadcast.

Falsterbo channel

Falsterbo channel can be contacted on VHF CH 11. The bridge opening schedule can be found at Sjöfartsverkets webpage.

Last updated 2022-10-26