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MSW Reportal

Routes and Passage plans

Here you can download completed routes and passage plans for the various pilot routes within the Kalmar pilot area. The routes are developed by the Swedish Maritime Administration's pilots and are the routes that are primarily used by the pilots at each pilot station.

Select area for routes to local port

Simrishamn - Karlskrona

Routes Route in .rtz format Excel document
Karlshamn Ports of Karlshamn Wp-list
Soelvesborg Routes in/out Wp-list
Aahus Routes in/out Wp-list
Elleholm Routes in/out Wp-list
Karlskrona Routes in/out Wp-list


Degerhamn - Vaestervik

Routes Route in .rtz format Excel document
Vaestervik Routes in/out Wp-list
Flivik Routes in/out Wp-list
Simpevarp Routes in/out Wp-list
Oskarshamn Routes in/out Wp-list
Jettersöen Routes in/out Wp-list
Kalmar Routes in/out Wp-list
Degerhamn Routes in/out Wp-list
Kalmarsund Routes in/out Wp-list


Routes Route in .rtz format Excel document
Visby,Slite, Faaroesund/Straa, Storungs/Kappelshamn and Klintehamn Routes in/out Wp-list

Important information

The digital routes should not be used as a replacement for ordinary charts and navigation, but only as a complement to these. When using the digital route plans and other information on these pages, therefore, for example, ship type, weather and other traffic must always be taken into account.

Also keep in mind that position indications, incorrect route entry or other sources of error, in no way guarantee navigation in electronic chart systems but should be seen as a complement to radar and visual navigation.

The digital routes are developed on the basis of available geographical information. The Swedish Maritime Administration does not take responsibility for inaccuracies in the routes or the information on these pages.

Last updated 2021-12-09