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Tug Regulations

Tug regulations for vessels calling Port of Gothenburg.

Escort Tugs

In order to increase safety, escort towing is compulsory for the following vessels:

All loaded tankers over 30 000 dwt and vessel over 30 000 dwt in ballast condition and not gasfree, with flashpoint below 60 degrees centigrade.

Note; Inerted tanks are not to be considered as ”gasfree” tanks.

Harbour Tugs

Since the 1:st of June 2016, tug requirements are specified in the General Port Regulations of the Port of Gothenburg. To reach the regulations, please use the link below.

Tug regulations, Port of Gothenburg


Tug Request

Tug is ordered by master or agent in advance. Late order may cause delay and extra cost. Gothenburg Pilots and Svitzer have developed joint procedures in order to perform safe tug assistance. To order pilot, contact Svitzer Phone +46-31-109700.

Last updated 2021-01-30