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MSW Reportal

Visibility Wind Darkness

Visibility, wind and darkness restrictions.

Tankers using escort tug with LOA under 230 m

Min visibility: 0.5 NM

Tankers with LOA 230 m – 290 m

Max wind: 15 m/s (average wind force at Måvholmsbådan)
Min visibility loaded: > 2 NM
Min visibility ballast: > 1 NM

Tankers with LOA equal to or exceeding 290 m (VLCC)

Arrival shall be done in daylight. Vessel can be embarked one hour before sunrise and three hours before sunset. For departure, daylight is needed when leaving the berth.

It may be possible, that when exceptional weather systems are coming, to depart with VLCC without daylight. Such a departure, which means exemption from usual practice, can take place only subject to consultation between the Pilot/Captain and the Port Captain and Pilot Area Manager.

Max wind: 10 m/s  (average wind force at Måvholmsbådan)
Min visibility: > 2 NM

Dry cargo vessels with LOA exceeding 300 m

Max wind: 17 m/s (average Trubaduren)
15-17 m/s under special conditions
Min visibility on arrival: 0.25 NM

Car carriers - Berth 601

Due to berth design and location, the following restrictions for car carriers (or vessels with similar wind area) with LOA > 190 m

Arrival: Max wind: 16 m/s (average wind force at "Karet")
Departure: Max wind: 18 m/s (average wind force at "Karet")
Departures in winds >18 m/s, can be considered only when exceptional weather system is under way and only if consultation has been carried out between the Pilot/Master, Port Captain and Pilot Area Manager.

Arendal Harbour - Cruise Vessels

Max wind for vessels LOA 300 m and above: 10m/s at Måvholmsbådan.

America Terminal - Cruise Vessels

Max wind for vessels with LOA from 215 m to 225 m: 12 m/s at Majnabbe.
Max wind for vessels with LOA above 225 m: 10 m/s at Majnabbe.

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Last updated 2021-01-31