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MSW Reportal

Fee changes in 2024

On January 1, 2024, regulatory changes will enter into force as follows.

Fairway fees

The increase for the fairway fee is set at 8.4 percent after the outcome of the entire period (1 August 2022-31 July 2023) regarding the CPI-CS is now available. The percentage increase in the CPI-CS for the period is 10.9 percent, which is adjusted by 2.5 percent as a result of the environmental incentive, which results in a total fee change for the fairway fee of 8.4 percent.

Pilot fees

The increase in the pilot fee is set at 10 percent.

Regulation on temporary climate compensation

The climate compensation of SEK 300 million decided by the government is fixed in 2024, which corresponds to a reduction of the regular price of the fairway fee by 15 percent.

Fees for vessels on the Trollhätte and Södertälje canal

The hawsing fee includes hawsing in the locks on the Trollhätte and Södertälje canals and is set at an increase of SEK 300 per lock.

Regulations on tariffs for ice breaking on order

According to CPI-CS, the voluntary service for icebreaking on order is increased by 10.9 percent.

Last updated 2023-10-12