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Track and Field

News 2021-03-16
A seafarer making a standing high jump

Track and Field (Sjöpokalen) is the classic athletics competition for seafarers

Track and Field

All track and field participants' results are credited to their vessels in Track and Field (Sjöpokalen) through a point calculation system, based on the vessel’s double normal crew. Contact a representative from The Swedish Seamen´s Service if you want us to organize Track and Field in the port or at one of our Seamen´s centers. Our field representatives handle the registration on site, so your biggest task is to get as many colleagues as possible to participate in at least one of the four disciplines.

All crew members who compete in Track and Field will also have their results registered in the Swedish and Nordic competitions in track and field.


Every crewmember who has been signed on for at least four weeks on a Swedish vessel, a vessel with Swedes on board or enrolled as a maritime student may participate, as well as seafarers on vacation or remuneration.

Note that you can only compete for one vessel per year. You should therefore choose your regular vessel and not a vessel where, for example, you have only taken an extra substitute trip. If you are registered on more than one vessel at the end of the year, your points in Track and Field will go to the latest vessel.


Running 60 meters

Shot put 5 kg (men) and 4 kg (women)

Standing long jump

Standing high jump

Class division

Women and men

Class I born 1991 and later

Class II born 1981 - 1990

Class III born 1971 - 1980

Class IV born 1961 – 1970

Class V born 1960 and earlier

Point count 

A vessel’s points in Track and Field are calculated by the number of participants and their individual results in each disciplines, in relation to their class division.

Only the best result of every participant during the competition period are included. At the first participation for the competition year in each discipline, each contestant, in addition to points according to the chart, is credited an additional 100 bonus points per discipline until the vessel’s entire double crew has competed.

When of the double crew has participated in Track and Field and additional participants compete for the vessels (substitutes and new employees), the bonus points for these are changed to 5 points per discipline. The vessel's points will be based on the best results of the number of people that constitutes the vessel’s double normal crew, as well as their bonus points and the reduced bonus points for the number of extra participants in addition to the vessel’s double normal crew. 

We wish you the best of luck!