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MSW Reportal

Seamen's Service

A seafarers home away from home.

Mini van in front of a moored ship
Port Service

Our stations and other port services

Dvd, folders and magazines

Film rental, news and photo contest

Seafarers playing basketball
Sports & exercise

Competitions and sports activities for seafarers

Field representative carrying books onboard
Swedish Seamen's Library

An ocean of books only for you who work at sea

The Swedish Seamen's Service commitment is to initiate, coordinate and carry out cultural and leisure activities for seafarers, according to the ILO-convention MLC 2006 (Maritime Labour Convention 2006).

In our recreation facilities – the seamen clubs – we offer modern communication possibilities – such as wifi and top-ups, arrange sports activities and can help with transports and currency exchange. These facilities are located in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Norrköping. In Malmö, we are located in the sports facility Kockum Fritid. We also have a field representative in Antwerp. We maintain a close cooperation with seamen’s churches, ports and our Nordic sister organizations.

To increase health on board, we arrange sports events and contests, for example in our exercise portal SeaSportal.

Working at sea involves certain restrictions in the everyday life that one might not think of. Amongst other things, there is a lack of the cultural exchange that life on land offer. The Seamen’s Library gives access to books, in paper and digitally, and through our Media-department we offer subscriptions for rental movies and news distribution.

All this to help giving you seafarers a better life on board.


In SeaSportal you can keep track of your exercise, get training tips and inspiration and also compete against other crews. Welcome to the seafarer's training center!

An iPad, a smart phone and a training watch showing SeaSportal
Seafarer with helmet standing by the ships rail and looking out

The Photo Contest for Seafarers

See the winning pictures from the traditional Nordic contest and learn how to participate.

Photo Contest for Seafarers

Last updated 2023-05-24