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Swedish Seamen's Library

An ocean of books only for you who work at sea


The library's e-book- and audio book catalog

Book change ports

Ports where the Seamen's Library can arrange book exchanges

The Swedish Seamen’s Library was founded in 1930 and has been roaming the Seven Seas ever since then as a circulating library. Nowadays, the library is part of the Swedish Seamen’s Service. If you are sailing under Swedish flag, you have access to the library. The Swedish Seamen’s Library is located at Rosenhill Seamen’s Center in Gothenburg and can offer a large assortment of English books, fiction, fantasy, crime etc. We can bring books aboard, but many titles are also available as e-books and audio books. Books may also be obtained or exchanged in many ports along the Swedish coast and in Europe. Search The Swedish Seamen’s Library catalog and find out which titles are available.

E-books and audio E-books

Now it's easier than ever to read, or rather, absorb the content of a book. Today's technology allows pleasant reading and listening in both tablets and smart phones. If you have difficulty relaxing or have tasks that do not provide an opportunity to open a book, there is a possibility to enjoy the book by listening to it. The Seamen's Library offers both parts.

Listening by application

The Elib application Biblio gives you the opportunity to both stream and download audiobooks to your smartphone. A good book can be a perfect companion in the cabin. 

Borrowing of E-books and E-audio books

When you borrow e-books, you need to have your own number for borrowing. You apply for this on the library's e-book page.
NOTE that it is your VESSEL'S NAME and your own e-mail address that must be stated in the application.
Applications are processed by the library during office hours, Monday-Thursday.

Questions? Please contact us!

Book change ports

On the page Book change Ports you will find the ports where it is possible to exchange books on board.


Swedish newspapers are available at our stations in Antwerp, Gothenburg and Norrköping. 

Help us get better

E-mail your possible improvement suggestions to sjomansbiblioteket@sjofartsverket.se. Thanks for your time!


Swedish Seamen's Library
Swedish Seamen's Service Rosenhill
Köpenhamnsgatan 25
SE-418 77 Göteborg

Tel +46 (0)10-478 47 39

Open for visitors:
Fridays: 10 am - 3 pm
Vessels can also reach us by phone on weekdays during office hours.
Please contact Rosenhill when the library is closed.

Last updated 2023-05-17