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MSW Reportal

EMSWe in short

All ships must report a lot of information to several authorities in Sweden before they arrive, This includes arrival time, cargo, people on board, waste and potentially dangerous goods.

Today, it can be done manually or via Excel files to the Swedish Maritime Administration. In addition to this, ships also need to send the information to the ports they are going to.

Today - different format per country; EMSWe - a commonformat
Today – different formats for reporting to authorities in each country
Today - different formats to state and ports; EMSWe - a common format.
Today – different reports to state and port, and different in each port.

The reporting solutions differ between all countries throughout the world and also between all ports. Because everything is different, it is very difficult to automate the reporting.

With the new legislation from the EU, ships will be able to send the information in the same digital way in all countries and ports within the EU. What is also new is that the information to the ports is sent together with the authority reporting. The Swedish Maritime Administration is leading the project to introduce the new solution in Sweden in collaboration with the Customs, the Coast Guard, the Swedish Transport Agency and other Swedish stakeholders such as ports, ship agents and shipping companies.

Last updated 2023-09-19