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MSW Reportal

Radio watch & reporting

Apart from the part covered by VTS-Göteborg, there is no VTS area or any Maritime Traffic Information Service within pilot area Vänern. There is also no Maritime Reporting System (SRS).

The channel regulations TSFS 2019:97 and TSFS 2010:70 prescribe that both radio monitoring must be held and that notification is mandatory.

For the VHF channel 9 area, attendance and reporting obligations apply for:

- all vessels except recreational vessels with a length of less than 20 metres

For the VHF channel 14 area, attendance and reporting obligations apply for:

– passenger ship
- vessels with a gross tonnage of 300 or more or with a length of 45 meters or more
- towing vessels which together with the trailer have a length of 45 meters or more

VHF channel 9: From Göta river bridge in the south to Gälle Udde (Gälle cape) in the north. (within the VTS-Göteborg area, channel 13 must also be used.)

VHF channel 14: On Vänern North of Gälle Udde.

Notification obligation

On the Trollhätte canal, the notification obligation applies to locks and bridges at special reporting points. The positions of the reporting points are marked on the chart.

At each notification, the master must obtain information about the prevailing traffic situation and make contact with approaching vessels in good time to consult about mutual passage.

The master of a ship is also obliged to notify the nearest bridge or lock when he intends to depart and to what destination, before leaving the quay.

If the vessel is anchored, this must be reported to the nearest lock or bridge.

On Lake Vänern, ships must issue general calls at special call points specified in the Swedish Transport Agency's regulation TSFS 2010:70. In addition, vessels on the Lake Vänern on their way to the canal at call point Gälle Udde (58º28.34′N 12º28.18′E) must call at the Dalbo bridge and announce the vessel name and name of the call point.

Notification in winter time

To minimize waiting times, optimize icebreaker resources, etc. vessels in traffic on the canal and Lake Vänern when ice class and tonnage requirements apply, must report to the canal center in Trollhättan:
Phone 0771 63 06 95.

Registration must be made at the following times:

  • Before departure Gothenburg
  • Passage Dalbobron northbound and southbound
  • Upon arrival to, and before departure Vänerhamn

Arrival notification

Notification of arrival must be made when the vessel is moored. The notification must contain the vessel's name, nationality, departure time, dw, engine power, draft, ice class, cargo quantity and destination in Vänern

Icebreaker agent

Joint icebreaker representative for Trollhätte canal and Lake Vänern is at the canal center in Trollhättan.

Icebreaker agent on call

Last updated 2023-10-19