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Information concerning Strömstad

Boarding Positions

1,5 NM south Ramskär.

The national border by Nord-Hällsö.

If vessels are coming from the south pilot will board at boarding position 1 soutwest of Brofjorden approach.


Fairway Max draught
Ramskär to Nord Hällsö 10m
Ramskär/Nord Hällsö to Strömstad 9m

Wind and Visibility restrictions

Assesment for each vessel.

Recommendation in the fairway

Two vessels with LOA 100m or more should not meet in the fairway no 110 in the area between east of the pair of bouys at Bulthålan, south of Holmen Grå and and to the quay in Strömstad

 (TSS 2014-709, Rekommendation 1-2014)

Two Pilots 

In Strömstad shall two pilots performe pilotage if LOA 150m or 30m beam and over.

Tug Regulations

Assesment for each vessel.

Anchorage Area

Kosterhamnen, east side of island Sydkoster, Depth 15 m - 25 m.

Further information

For further information concerning the port of Strömstad please contact Strömstad municipality.

Strömstad municipality


Last updated 2023-12-14