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Information concerning Uddevalla

Information regarding pilotage regulations


Hätteberget - Uddevalla



Brofjorden approach - Uddevalla via Malö strömmar



Boarding Position

Hätteberget - Uddevalla

Hätteberget 2NM SW Hätteberget Lt

Brofjorden approach - Uddevalla via Malö strömmar

Boarding position 1 sw of Brofjorden approach


Fairway Max Draught
Hätteberget - Uddevalla 11m
Hätteberget - Askeröfjorden 13,5m
Hätteberget - Älgöfjorden 15m
Brofjordens angöring - Uddevalla (Malö strömmar) 5m



Hätteberget - Uddevalla:

Limitations in the fairway

Vessels over LOA 200m will not be handled unless an inquiry is made to the pilot area manager (see contact page) before ordering a pilot. The request must be made in good time and provide an answer to any restrictions for the vessel type which contain wind and visibility restrictions as well as the needs of tugboat assistance. Upon request, a specification of the intended vessel shall be provided.

Visibility restrictions

At visibility below 0.5 NM, vessels with LOA 150 m or further are not taken into the fairways. For traffic to / from the sea to / from Älgöfjorden, visibility down to 0.25 NM is accepted.

The visibility restrictions also apply to ships carrying the following cargoes:
Ammonia: applies to all vessels regardless of length
Gas: ships with LOA 125 m or longer

Restrictions under darkness

During darkness, ships with LOA over 200 m in the fairway are not piloted.

Last passage time with ships with LOA over 200:

Arrival Hätteberget morning: 1 hour before sunrise.

Arrival Hätteberget evening: Determined by the current pilot from case to case.

Wind restrictions

Ships with a large wind area ("garage type") are not piloted in the fairway to Uddevalla at wind speeds above 15 m/s.

Restrictions for certain jettys


Daytime max LOA 190 m.

During darkness max LOA 180 m to/from Badökajen.


Uddevalla via Malö Strömmar:

Limitations in the fairway

Max size of vessel LOA 90m, Width 14,5m, Draught 5m.

Visibility restrictions

Not less then 2Nm Visibillity.

Restrictions under darkness

Pilotage only during daytime. Start of Pilotage not less then 3h before sunset.

Wind restrictions

Max 12m/s


Two Pilots

To Uddevalla shall two pilot´s performe pilotage under the following circumstances:

  • Vessels with LOA 230m or 35m beam and above.
  • Vessels with greate wind area, like PCTC, with LOA 200m or 35m beam and above.

These measures have been considered relevant with regard to the criteria set out in the national routine. Exceptions to these measures can be made in the event that the pilot area manager in consultation with the Nautical Council assesses vessels over this size as safe to handle with only one pilot.

Tug Regulations

Any tugboat assistance is decided by the pilot when planning the pilotage.

At arrival to Badö jetty, vessels with LOA over 180 m shall be assisted by 3 tugs. Is at least 1 tug of tractor type then 2 tugs are enough.

Vertical clearance

The air draught in the fairways into Uddevalla is limited by:

Overhead power line

The south fairway to Uddevalla is crossed at Grötö islet, north of Svanesund, by a power line with a 58,0 m vertical clearance at MHW.

Tjörn bridge

Tjörn bridge located at Almösund has an vertical clearance of 43,0m at MHW.

Uddevalla bridge

Uddevalla bridge is a suspension bridge with a span of 414m with an vertical clearance of 51,5m at MHW.

Nötesunds bridge

The north fairway to Uddevalla is crossed by Nötesunds bridge. Nötesunds bridge has an vertical clearance of 26,5m at MHW.

Overhead power line at Malö Strömmar

The north fairway to Uddevalla is crossed by a overhead powerline at Malö Strömmar. The vertical clearance is 30,0m at MHW.

Anchorage area

On Älgfjorden, SW Älgön. Depth 25m, clay.

On Hakefjorden, N Älgön. Depth 50 - 25m, clay.

On Askeröfjorden at Stenungsund. Depth abt 12m, clay.

Gustavsbergsbukten at Uddevalla in the SW part ofByfjorden. Depth 40 - 13m, clay.

Further information

For further information concerning the port of Uddevalla please contact Port of Uddevalla.

Port of Uddevalla

Last updated 2021-02-28