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MSW Reportal

Film rental

The Swedish Seamen's Service offer monthly movie packages which contain movies to seafarers of the Swedish merchant navy. We can also offer the same to Swedes onboard foreign vessels.

The titles are new; we send them at the time for DVD- or VOD-release. Just like in the theaters, most of the titles (5 of 6) are American but we aim to always include one or two good non-American films every month. Our ambition is to make a wide selection of drama, thriller, action and comedy to give variation and relaxing entertainment. The discs do not need to be returned; instead each subscriber is responsible for destroying them when the 12 months rental period is over. This is a copyright requirement. See the General terms and conditions for the service.

If you are interested in this rental film-service, please contact Swedish Seamen's Service Media for further information or use the agreement form for entry.

Illustration of seafarers watching TV

Last updated 2023-12-18