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Awarded photos 2019

The winning and awarded photos from the 2019 contest.

The Nordic Photo Contest For Seafarers 2019 had its final on February 7 2020. 133 seafarers from Danish, Icelandic, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish flag vessels had participated with 1116 photos. That is over 300 pictures more than last year’s contest. Altogether, the local juries sent 75 pictures to the Nordic final at Reykjavík Maritime Museum, Iceland.

The jury consisted of Arngrimur Blöndal, chairman of the photo club Fokus and Kjartan "Golli" Thorbjörnsson, professional photographer. They were unanimous, and succeeded to make their selection within 1 hour and 15 minutes. After calling back the arrangers to the room, they could reveal the winning entries (as shown from left to right).

The jury showing the winning photos
Arngrimur Blöndal and Kjartan "Golli" Thorbjörnsson showing the winning photos.

1.” Isfjell utenfor Hopen” - Andreas Wolden, Able seaman, Kronprins Haakon

2.”Drydock” - Jörgen Språng, Chef, Bit Okland

3.”Transition Piece i soldnedgang” - Håvard Melvær, Captain, Edda Fjord

4.”FP inspection” - Richard Jensen, Mate, National Geographic Explorer

5.”Slaget om gemen” - Dan Deshayes, First engineer, Ternholm

The following entries stood out from the rest, according to the jury, and received their honorary mention:

”Iskaffe” - Jan Richardt, Captain, Nordkap

“I stormvejr” - Guðmundur Guðmundsson, Boatswain, trawler Frosti

“Valhall oljefelt” - Berit Bye, Motorman, NS Fraya

“Nu er vi alle klar” - Hlynur Ágústsson, Able seaman, trawler Þórunn Sveinsdóttir

”Sólberg” - Aron Sveinbjörnsson, Able seaman, trawler Páll Pálsson

Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all the participants!

Photo of iceberg formation and some birds
Nordic 1st place - Andreas Wolden - "Isfjell utenfor Hopen"
Photo of anchor handling in a drydock
Nordic 3rd place - Håvard Melvær - "Transition Piece i soldnedgang"
Transition piece in sunset
Nordic 3rd place - Håvard Melvær - "Transition Piece i soldnedgang"
Inspection of a tank in a vessel
Nordic 4th place - Richard Jensen - "FP Inspection"
Seamen playing cards on a sea chart
Nordic 5th place - Dan Deshayes - "Slaget om gemen"
Photo of a vessel from above
Nordic H.M. - "Sólberg" - Aron Sveinbjörnsson, IS
Two persons watching cargo being lifted at Valhall oil fied.
Nordic H.M. - "Valhall oljefelt" - Berit Bye, NO
A vessel in stormy waves
Nordic H.M. + Icelandic 2nd place - "I stormvejr" - Guðmundur Guðmundsson, IS
Fishermen standing with backs turned away from the camera. Their catch in the foreground.
Nordic H.M. - “Nu er vi alle klar” - Hlynur Ágústsson, IS
In the foreground a French coffee press and a cup, in the background a snowy vessel surrounded by ice
Nordic H.M. + Danish 5th place - "Iskaffe" - Jan Richardt, DK
A swimmer swimming with a lifebuoy
Swedish 2nd place - "Passing by" - Dan Deshayes, SE
In the foreground a happy seafarer with a breathing mask full of red paint. Behind him, his vessel and the sea with two other vessels on the horizon.
Swedish 3rd place - "Rednose" - Jörgen Språng, SE

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