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Awarded photos 2021

The history repeated itself when Sweden, just like last year, won four out of five prizes in the Nordic photo contest for seafarers.

Fishingboat in front of a windmill park
The winning picture of the contest “Fishermen returning to port”. The photographer Richard Jensen works as Safety Officer on National Geographic Explorer. Richard was last awarded in 2019, when his entry “FP inspection” took the forth prize in the Nordic contest.

On 4 February the jury got together to reveal the winners. The host of the final was Finland but due to the pandemic, the meet had to be arranged via video link. The jury consisted of Hanna Weselius, photojournalist and lecturer in photography at the Aalto University and Tiina Mertanen Director of Museum Services at The National Museum of Finland and The Finnish Heritage Agency (including The Maritime Museum of Finland). Their mission was to choose five winning photos out of 75 contesters. Those 75 were picked out from 760 photos, taken by 136 seafarers, which participated in the national contests in the Nordic countries.

To be able to make a grounded decision, the jury got the unnamed photos a week ahead of the final.

When selecting the winners, the jury sorted the photos by different themes like landscape, ice pictures and animals to make the selection easier. However, to select only five photos out of 75 was no easy job.

One photo caught the attention of both Hanna Weselius and Tiina Mertanen early, and that photo contained a fishing boat in front of some wind turbines. A swede named Richard Jensen, Safety Officer at the National Geographic Explorer, took the photo and it ended up winning the whole competition.

See the awarded photos in the Swedish version of this page.

Last updated 2022-02-14