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MSW Reportal

Port Service - Antwerp/Rotterdam

Service aimed for ship crews calling at the world ports in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Field representative delivers books on the gangway.
Book exchange in Antwerp.

The services of the Swedish Seamen's Service representative in Antwerp and Rotterdam is directed to crewmembers of Swedish merchant vessels and Swedish crewmembers omboard foreign flag vessels.  The representative also visits vessels in other adjacent ports like Ghent, Zeebrugge and Terneuzen.

She works in close cooperation with the Swedish Seamen's Church. Among the services are ships' visiting, port information, transportation, sports, outings, library exchange and newspaper distribution. During seamen's sports events, the Swedish Seamen's Service cooperates closely with other seamen's welfare representatives.


Swedish Seamen’s Service
Antwerp Harbour Hotel
Noorderlaan 100
BE-2030 Antwerpen
Mobil +32 (0)475-26 42 98

Local representative: Kia Krekula

Last updated 2023-04-13