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MSW Reportal

Port service

The locations where you can get in touch with The Swedish Seamen´s Service

Swedish Seamen´s Service operates in the ports of Sweden and abroad at the locations we consider have the most need for it.
The work takes place mainly through outreach activities on board, transport service as well as through club activities and various types of arrangement. Click at the stations below for more information.

Our field representative on the gangway.

Our service abroad

A group of seafarers standing in a sports hall

Rosenhill Seamen's Center

A group of seafarers standing in front of vessle.

Kockum fritid

A group of seafarers jumping togheter on the basketball court at Johannisborg

Johannisborg Seamen's Club

Four seafarers taking a groupie outside of Kaknäs Seamen´s center.

Kaknäs Seamen's Center

A group of seafarers leaving the ship from the gangway.
Other ports

Other ports were certain service can be offered through collaborations with the ports and local Seamen´s missions.

The Port Service operates Rosenhill Seamen's Center in Gothenburg, Kaknäs Seamen's Club in Stockholm, and Johannisborg Seamen's Club in Norrköping. In Malmö we offer seamen to relax in the municipal recreation facility Kockum Fritid.

These seamen's clubs are examples of commitment to fulfil the convention MLC 2006, ratified by Sweden,  "concerning the seafarers' welfare at sea and in port" and drawn up by the UN labour organization ILO. The Swedish Seaman's Service participates in the International Committee on Seafarers' Welfare (ICSW).

Port Service in Swedish ports is serving seafarers of all nations. The service consists of ships' visits, information, transportation and cultural and leisure activities, e.g. sports or outings.

Port Service abroad is focusing on Swedish ships' crews. The service is carried out in close cooperation with Swedish and Nordic seamen's missions. Major features are ships' visits, distribution of the latest Swedish newspapers and periodicals, library exchange, transportation, sports and outings. Our local representative in Antwerp also serve Swedish crewmembers onboard foreign flag vessels.

We can offer book changes in many ports around the world through various cooperations.

Last updated 2023-04-13